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Finding potential candidates for a position.

Based on your recruitment needs, we map a sourcing strategy, and our Talent Sourcers execute it. They will work on posting your positions, connecting with potential candidates and routing them to your pipeline.


Sourcing, interviewing and offering.

Based on your recruitment needs, our Expert Recruiters, will execute your recruitment campaign from sourcing to ready to offer. All done in alignment with your hiring manager and business strategy.

How it works?

1. Contact us!

Click on the Hire botton in the pricing tab. Triggering the engagement process is FREE.

2. Alignment meeting

An Expert Recruiter will schedule a call with you to understand your business needs and share an overview of how our services can address those needs.

3 Contract

Once you choose Moxie, we will send you a contract and after receiving accepted confirmation, the team will start working on your recruitment campaign.

4. Trigger campaign

Your Recruiter will schedule calibration meetings with your hiring managers, share the communication strategy and get to work.

5. Reports and tracking

We know data and information are important. Our Expert Recruiter will share the status of the campaign on a weekly basis as well as recommend adjustments if needed.


How much do our services cost?

Please check the pricing tab for details.

How long do I need to book a contract?

It depends on the service and the profile. You can turn on/off the services as you need. We understand we are living in a climate of constant change and we adapt to your business needs.

Can I hire one of your freelancers directly?

After a certain period of time, it may be possible to contract a freelancer directly.

When can I expect to receive results?

This depends on the service and profile. For example, our sourcers start delivering leads after a week.

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